Doxall™ Surface Sanitiser


Product Description:

Brilliant science, powered by nature.

Doxall™ has been verified by independent laboratories and 5 Universities, giving you peace of mind that this alcohol-free, QUAT-free, water-based sanitiser is a highly effective bactericidal and an exceptional cleaner. Doxall™ is proudly free of alcohol, quaternary ammonium compounds, chlorine, ammonia and other potentially harmful chemicals.

Our sanitisers are made in Australia.


Water, l-arginine (an amino acid), capric acid (found in almond & coconut oil), solubiliser, and fragrance.

Doxall uses a patented formula that is safe on skin and gentle on surfaces while being highly effective against germs.

Our products offer:

      • SAFE active ingredient found in everyday foods
      • Broad spectrum activity against harmful germs and bacteria
      • Free from hazardous chemicals 
      • Alcohol-free. No Benzalkonium Chloride (QUAT)
      • Long-lasting nurturing protection
      • Water based
      • Sustainable biodegradable active ingredient
      • Long-lasting nurturing protection
      • Excels in real life, not just a pristine lab
      • Water-based, non-flammable
      • Hypoallergenic (fragrance free options)
      • Delightful botanical oil scents

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
John P
Green product, cleans well.

Used this surface spray in my kitchen It does not leave streaks and I like the antimicrobial claims and fact it is safe around food and kids. I have fallen for the lemon smell

Good cleaner. Safe on your hands.

My previous cleaner was causing small rashes on my hands. Turns out it contained alcohol and bleach that wasn't listed on the label. Found out my previous cleaner used a mix of bleach and alcohol. A friend recommended this cleaner since it has the same ingredients as the hand product.

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