Doxall™ Hand Sanitiser Refill


Product Description:

Brilliant science, powered by nature.

Made from natural active ingredients, this patented formulation will leave your skin feeling nurtured throughout the day, even with multiple applications. The science behind Doxall™ has been verified by independent laboratories in Australia and the USA, giving you peace of mind that this alcohol-free, QUAT-free, water-based product is highly effective.

Our hand sanitiser contains 1500 foaming applications for every 375ml.


Water, l-arginine (an amino acid), capric acid (found in almond & coconut oil), solubiliser, and fragrance (Australiana essential oils).

Doxall uses a patented formula that is safe on skin and gentle on surfaces while being highly effective against germs.

Our products offer:

      • SAFE active ingredient found in everyday foods
      • Broad spectrum activity against harmful germs and bacteria
      • Free from hazardous chemicals 
      • Alcohol-free. No Benzalkonium Chloride (QUAT)
      • Long-lasting nurturing protection
      • Water based
      • Sustainable biodegradable active ingredient
      • Long-lasting nurturing protection
      • Excels in real life, not just a pristine lab
      • Water-based, non-flammable
      • Hypoallergenic (fragrance free options)
      • Delightful botanical oil scents

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