As concern grows around germs and viruses so does the frequency with which we clean. Numerous sanitisers and disinfectants work using alcohol-based ingredients however these can have several downsides.

What does alcohol-based mean?
This is where the active ingredient for killing germs is an alcohol such as ethanol and isopropanol. Products like hand sanitisers, surface sanitisers, and disinfectant wipes commonly use alcohol as an active ingredient.

Are alcohol-based products safe?
The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) considers alcohol-based hand sanitisers safe to use in moderation. However, alcohol-based hand sanitisers present a number of drawbacks. These include:

  • Evaporates rapidly leaving hands susceptible to re-infection only moments after application
  • Abuse by teenagers and individuals with alcohol dependency
  • A dramatic increase in alcohol poisonings in children under five since the advent of the pandemic
  • Highly flammable, leading to storage, transport and handling risks and the need for expensive safety precautions
  • Drying of the skin leading to irritation and damage for those with sensitive skin

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