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The Doxall™ difference is powerful antibacterial protection and brilliant cleaning WITHOUT hazardous chemicals.

All Doxall™ products kill harmful germs  WITHOUT alcohol, peroxide, bleach or ammonium chlorides. Instead, the active ingredient in Doxall™ occurs naturally in foods you eat every day. Our patented science has been tested in 5 universities

Doxall™ Hand Sanitisers and Antibacterial Washes are safe to use with young children. Doxall™ Cleaner & Disinfectant has registered residual performance and Covid 19 claims (Aust R 352273). 

 Doxall™ means natural protection. Safer for you, your family and the environment.  

The Doxall™ range

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preventing infectious diseases.

Wintermute Biomedical formed

A new company is formed to prevent and combat infectious diseases. Every day an increasing number of patients fall victim to infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance (AMR). New products are desperately needed to combat drug-resistant bacteria and new strains of infectious diseases. The mission is develop safe, effective, next generation products to tackle this issue.

Research into antibacterial and antibiotic resistance

research begins

Researchers set out to develop new antimicrobial compounds that were safe and effective against drug resistant bacteria. Rigorous testing was conducted on safe and effective compounds. Scientists started compounding them together in various combinations and running them through high throughput screening to discover new chemical entities with antimicrobial properties.

once a century cleaning technology breakthrough.

our active ingredient

Our scientists selected the GS2 formula as the active ingredient for Doxall™ as it demonstrated strong antimicrobial, antiviral, antifungal properties with longevity of action even in dirty conditions and readily broke down if ingested.

Safer products. superior performance. long lasting protection.

creation of Doxall™

Doxall was born out of scientific research into the problem of bacteria becoming resistant to antibiotics (AMR). Our scientists committed to only research with safe, sustainable and biodegradable ingredients. Their passion and stunning research led us to Doxall™ hand sanitisers, active surface sanitiser and disinfectant.



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